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State of the World Development ammonium polyphosphate flame retardants and phosphorus

In recent years, due to decaBDE and six HBCD was included in the impact of persistent organic pollutants, the development of halogen flame retardants be greatly affected, and thus produced a flame retardant Concept agent. Corresponds with halogen flame retardants, which promoted the development of the concept of produce including phosphorus flame retardant halogen-free flame retardants, including many research and manufacturing. And after 2005, bromine prices have continued to rise, with the price of domestic stabilization of phosphorus resources in stark contrast, making the price gap between the two is increasing rapidly, even brominated flame retardants higher price once the majority of phosphorus flame retardants prices more than doubled. Therefore, prices rose brominated flame retardants phosphorus to promote the rapid growth of nitrogen or phosphorus flame retardants in 2005 and 2012 between the markets.
2012 China retardant consumption is about 474,000 tons, of which the proportion of phosphorus-based flame retardants maximum total of approximately 179,000 tons, up 90,000 tons consumption in 2008, the growth rate was 16.4%. More phosphorus-containing flame retardants market to maintain high growth reasons, we think that the most important reason is its main competitor brominated flame retardants caused by high prices, followed by the downstream market-driven, and the third is the impact of policies and regulations.
First, brominated flame retardants prices led to the rapid growth of phosphorus-containing flame retardants. Global giants focused on brominated flame retardants Albemarle, Chemtura and ICL three body since 2010, the three companies continue to improve their own and bromine flame retardants prices of related products. Because of brominated flame retardants prices continue to rise, will stimulate consumption phosphorus flame retardants, phosphorus flame retardants to promote growth of the consumer market.
Secondly, the rapid development of downstream industries led the growth in consumption of phosphorus-containing flame retardants. China halogenated phosphate and phosphorus-containing flame retardant halogen-free phosphate consumption ratio 74% phosphorus flame retardant consumption, mainly for building insulation materials, fireproof coatings, adhesives and CCL, composite materials, etc. the rapid development of the field, where a large number of non-halogen phosphate for PC / ABS alloy; polyphosphate is mainly used for fire protection coatings and GE Plastics; hypophosphite is mainly used for engineering plastics polyamide, polyester and other engineering plastics; red phosphorus flame retardant mainly used in flame-retardant engineering plastics and GE Plastics; phosphaphenanthrene flame retardant mainly used in CCL.
Since the 1980s, China began to study the synthesis and application of ammonium polyphosphate, particularly rapid development in recent years, in 2003 the domestic consumption reached 08,000 tons of ammonium polyphosphate, which in 2012 reached 26,000 tons, showing continued growth. With the technical requirements of the national efforts to strengthen the flame in the future development of phosphorus-based flame retardants in its price advantage will continue to play a role in the steady development.

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