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How to make use of the advantages of circuit boards and PCB

In the electronics industry, PCB board has always been a very popular word, many people only heard his name, but not his body, so I do not know in the end is what kind of electronic products, today we have to analyze its production processes .
PCB circuit board, also known as plate printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards, referred to as PCB, the English abbreviation PCB (printed circuit board) or PWB (printed wiring board), with insulation board to the substrate, cut into a certain size, which is attached at least one conductive pattern, and the cloth hole (such as component hole, the fastening holes metallized holes, etc.), is used in place of a conventional device for electronic chassis components, and between the electronic components to achieve interconnected. Its production process includes seven steps, we introduce it to eleven
A print circuit board. Will draw a good printed circuit board with iron-on transfers, pay attention to slippery side facing you, general printing two circuit boards, that piece of paper to print two circuit boards. In which you select the best printing circuit board production.
2, cutting CCL, with a photographic plate produced circuit boards full graphic. CCL, which is coated on both sides with a copper film circuit board, cut to the size of the copper-clad circuit board, not too large, in order to save material.
3, pretreatment CCL. With fine sandpaper to polish the surface oxide layer CCL out to ensure that when the circuit board transfer, thermal transfer paper, the toner can be securely printed on the copper-clad board, the board is a good standard polished luster, no significant stains.
4, the transfer board. The printed circuit board cut to the appropriate size, the printed circuit board attached to the side of the CCL, CCL align well placed after the transfer machine, when placed on transfers must ensure there is no misalignment. Generally 2-3 times after the transfer, the board will be able to transfer it firmly on the CCL. Heat transfer machine beforehand had been preheated, the temperature set at 160-200 degrees Celsius, pay attention to safety due to the high temperature operation!
5, corrosion circuit boards, reflow soldering machine. First check whether the transfer complete circuit board, if the minority is no good place to transfer oil pen with black patches. Then you can corrode, and so when the copper film exposed circuit board completely eroded, the board removed from the etching solution to clean, such a circuit board on the corrosion better. The composition of the etching solution of concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, water, the proportion of 1:2:3, in the preparation of the etching solution, the first drain, plus concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, if the operation of concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide or an etching solution does not Carefully splashed on skin or clothing should be promptly cleaned with water, due to the use of highly corrosive solution, we must pay attention to safety when operating!
6, circuit board drilling. Circuit board is to insert electronic components, so they are on the circuit board drilling. Select electronic components based on the thickness of different pin bur when using the drilling rig, the board must act in stable rig slow speed can not be opened, please see the operating personnel to operate carefully.
7, circuit board pretreatment. After drilling, use fine sandpaper to cover the circuit board toner polished off with water to clean circuit boards. After the water dried, coated with pine fragrance line in there side, to accelerate the solidification of rosin, we use hot air heating circuit boards, only 2-3 minutes rosin can solidify. 8, for soldering electronic components. After the board for soldering electronic components, power.
Understanding of the production process, then select the advantages of using PCB circuit board, what does?
1. As the graphic with repeatability (reproducibility) and consistency, reducing cabling and assembly errors, saving maintenance, testing and inspection time of the device;
2. The design can be standardized, interchangeable favor;
3. High wiring density, small size, light weight, and is conducive to miniaturization of electronic devices;
4. Conducive to mechanization and automation of production, improve labor productivity and reduce the cost of electronic equipment.
PCB manufacturing method can be divided into the subtractive method (subtractive) and adding method (plus method) two categories. Currently, large-scale industrial production method is to subtract the corrosion of copper foil method based.
5. Especially soft FPC board of resistance to bending, precision, better be on the high-precision instruments. (Such as cameras, mobile phones. Cameras.)

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